CoWomen is a community and space cateringto the needs of ambitious women.   Connect with like-minded women.

At CoWomen we firmly believe in the positive effect of strengthening women in business and the enormous impact they can have on society and the economy. Everyone profits from more successfully working women! By taking care of their perfect work environment, CoWomen wants to add to this development.

We want to offer the space and possibilities for women to grow and influence not only the female working world. We make women’s lifes easier so they can get to the top! 

We enable an exchange with other women that are founding a business, are self-employed, a working mom, or looking to scale their business. We also work on everything from mentorship to better work-life-integration to support the new work movement and help strengthen female business.

The space will be equipped with newest technology and business furniture comprising a professional environment for women to get their things done and reach their highest goals.

CoWomen means…

…a warm and cozy atmosphere to invite everyone to exchange their thoughts over a cup of coffee or tea.

… healthy and sustainable products to make it easy for our members to perform at their best.

… a body and mind program with yoga classes and concentration exercises.

… business services such as a postal address or concierge service in order to keep the mind of our CoWomen on the things that matter the most.

Speaking of important: We are also working on partnerships to offer a variety of services around family and child care.

The CoWomen space is the point of action when it comes to events around a wide range of topics concerning female business.


The CoWomen community and space will offer women the place to create themselves, together!

Become a CoWoman